We are super excited to share these amazing videos, podcasts and articles where we have been featured. We are grateful that our story has connected with so many and is shared so that others can be inspired to try something different!



MEL Magazine - Ian Lecklitner - May 15, 2019

“For the past eight or nine years, we were living in different cities in Canada, whether for schooling or work, and it seemed like we were moving every couple years — it was a lot to start over again and again,” says Adam Hickey. “We saw online that people were living in vans and other alternative living circumstances, so we looked into it and decided that could work for us… “


From owning a house to living in a van - why this couple picked van life

Matt & Danielle from Exploring Alternatives did a great interview of us about life on the road, why we chose van life and how were going to accommodate our desire to travel with a baby. They put out amazing content on their YouTube channel about alternative living!


couple sells everything & builds diy stealth sprinter van

Derek Howlett from Handeeman did an awesome job with this video tour of our van. He puts out amazing content on DIY alternative living on his YouTube Channel!


life is a highway - literally

The Casket - Richard MacKenzie - January 18, 2018

Being able to escape to better weather is one of the benefits when you’re living on the road, in a retrofitted van, as the couple has been doing since the summer of 2017.

“One of our main goals when we converted the van, since we were living in the cold, was to get down, away from the cold, at least for one season,” Adam said in talking to the Casket...


Episode 3 - createwondr

We had a great time being interviewed by Adam and Graig (2 DUDES in their 30's ) about van life and what brought us to this unique adventurous lifestyle. Listen to the Podcast here --->


Creating wonder: U of S alumna renovates van to have a house on wheels

The Sheaf - Isabelle Cook - March 1, 2018

Have you ever fantasized about leaving everything behind — school included — and travelling the continent? For one University of Saskatchewan alumna and her husband, this dream has become a reality.

In the fall of 2017, Vanessa Hickey — who graduated with a master’s in environmental management in 2012 — and her husband Adam converted a 2008 Dodge...


episode 011 - Building a vanlife business from scratch

We had a great conversation with Travis from Campers In Vans Getting Coffee. We talked about all things vanlife: the things we love and the things we struggle with and why we choose to share our life on social media.