Van Life with a Baby

We were starting to get stir crazy in our apartment. It had been good, really good to have this permanent place to rest and recuperate after Cedars birth. A place where we could take time to settle into our new roles as parents, but now that Cedar was bigger, and more aware we were itching to hit the road again, vanlife was calling. We missed our home. It sounds funny that something so small could feel like a home, but our van does to us. It’s cozy and warm, and we put a lot of thought and love into building and designing it the way we wanted. We were also so excited to share this adventure with Cedar. The only thing that had prevented us from hitting the road sooner was the difficulty I was having breastfeeding and the fact we had to wait for Cedar’s immunizations. Now that both those things had been figured out, we felt ready. 


We intended on leaving March 3rd but the weather has other plans so we were stormed stayed in Halifax until the 5. Even though we delayed our departure, it was ok because we got to spend a bit more time with family. 


We didn’t know what traveling with a baby would be like, how far we’d be able to get at each stretch or each day, but we expected we have several long days ahead of us.

It took us 3 days to get out of the snow and into spring as we drove south to Florida. We would cover 5 hours of ground but it would take us 10. A baby forces you to slow down. We would get one 3 hour stretch in the morning before we’d have to stop so I could nurse Cedar. The stop would be about an hour or more because we’d play with him and have something to eat. Everything takes longer. Then we might get a couple more shorter stretches in. 

Cedar has been amazing, I’m so impressed with how relaxed he is, how content he is just going with the flow.  He has not made traveling difficult. Yes, it’s different then what we were used to, but it’s good and we are finding a new groove. Ultimately, we are glad to be sharing these new experiences with our son, so the challenges don’t seem so hard to overcome.