Top 10 list

Top 10 MUST HAVES for Van Life

Before van life was a reality for us, we had already purged our lives of any and all unnecessary items. Things that took up space, clothing we never wore, kitchen items that serve only one obscure purpose. We decided that we had certain criteria that any new product had to have in order to buy it.

These criteria were: Would it be going in the van with us? Does it serve multiple functions? Is it made to last? Do we feel like the company is ethical or sustainable?

Obviously not everything can meet all of those criteria, but it’s the list of things we thought about for every purchase we made before moving into the van.

The following items are OUR Top 10 Must Haves for Van Life. They may very well be different then what you’d chose, but for us, we can’t live without them.


We love our instant pot and can easily recommend this to anyone living in a van or a house or anywhere! It’s a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer… Well I think you get the picture. It has multiple functions, uses only 700watts of power, and with it’s pressure cooker abilities means that you can basically cook anything in under 30 minutes. We use ours at least once a week, making chilli, curry, lentils, rice, etc.

2. Berkey Water Filter

Before we moved into the van we knew we wanted to have some kind of water purifications system. After a lot of research we decided to go with the Travel Berkey. The Berkey system can be permanently set up on our counter unlike a lot of bag filtration systems, and it removes over 200+ harmful contaminants including bacteria, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. which means that we can essentially get drinking water anywhere!

3. Hydro Flask

Following along with recommendation #2, is having somewhere for that water to go. It doesn’t matter to us what container you choose to drink your water out of, just that you don’t use disposable bottles. Find a reusable bottle you love and always have that with you. We love our double walled, vacuum insulated bottles because it keeps our water cool all day, which is amazing when we we’re hiking in the desert! It also keeps hot things hot because who likes cold tea?!

4. Vitamix

We love our smoothies. Having our vitamix was a priority for us, we even made sure our solar system could handle this one appliance that’s how important it was for us. We have had other high powered blenders before but nothing can compare to a Vitamix. Not only does it fulfil our smoothie needs, but Vanessa often make banana ice-cream in there, as well a cashew creams and fruit sorbets.

5. Patagonia synchilla & nano puff jackets

Both of us found these jackets on sale and we LOVE them! Adam has the Synchilla Fleece and Vanessa has a Nano Puff Jacket. Everyone needs something comfy and we love what the Patagonia brand stands for and represents. These are purchases we knew we’d only need to make once. Both can also serve as an insulating layer under a rain jacket making a good combo for cold weather.

6. Marley Bluetooth Speakers

Our van speakers suck. We could have upgraded the factory sound system, but the thought of spending thousands to upgrade was not at all appealing. We decided to go with a simpler solution: portable bluetooth speakers. We looked at a couple different options and settled on these Marley speakers for a couple reasons. We liked the way they looked, they has one of the best water resistant ratings, and the sound out of them is great.

7. Manduka Yoga Mats

A yoga mat or pilates mat definitely comes in handy while on the road. It’s small and easy to pack up and you can roll it out on an old blanket and get a quick workout in. It also fits perfectly in the “hallway” of our van so if need be we could have a little yoga sesh wherever we like.

8. Wandrd bag

We needed a bag that served multiple purposes. We needed a camera bag that could hold more than just camera gear but could also be a regular bag as well. The PRVKE21 by Wandrd was the perfect bag for us. It holds all our camera gear when we need, but the '“camera bag” compartment can be removed, then we can us it as a regular backpack, or a combo of the two.

9. Coffee Dripper

We’re not BIG coffee drinkers, but every now and then we do like a really good cup of coffee. Sometimes, you can’t beat a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning. That being said, we didn’t want anything complicated or big in the van so this simple little coffee dripper works perfect. We use undyed bamboo disposable strainers on the road, but if we’re in an apartment we have a reusable one. Not to worry if you’re not a big coffee drinker, you can you this for loose leaf tea as well.

10. Amazon Kindle ereader

Vanessa loves to read, so when we moved into the van and she had to give up her precious book collection, getting an eReader was a must. She decided to go with the Amazon Kindle and has been enjoying it, and the access to great books since.