Top 5 Baby Products for Eco Minded Parents

If you know anything about Adam and I, you know that our motto is “LIVE SIMPLY, WITH PURPOSE”. We use this as a guiding principle in almost every aspect of your lives, so it’s no surprise that we extend this to the purchases we make for Cedar. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to find the ‘right’ products that tick off all our boxes, are they eco friendly? Gentle on Cedar’s skin? Made with natural fibres? Do the companies care about the environment? Do they do what they say they do? Well we’ve narrowed down our favourite products that we love and recommend for our fellow Eco Minded Parents, but really we think they’re great for all parents and babes!

1. Dyper Diapers and Wipes


On our journey to find eco friendly diapers that actually work, we tried almost every diaper out there. The biggest issue we found with all of them were that we ended up sacrificing something for our desire to buy eco friendly. We would sacrifice price or absorbency, and in the end it almost didn’t seem worth it because they just didn’t work. Then I found Dyper… and THEY WORK! I’m not going to lie, I was sceptical given our past experience, but very pleasantly surprised. They do everything they claim. They are very absorbent, so no dreaded blowouts, they are made with bamboo, so gentle on Cedar’s skin, and their eco friendly and compostable! We also love their wipes, which are made from bamboo as well and only have three ingredients. They also have a monthly subscription which I’ve found to be the most affordable compared to other eco conscious brands. It’s a win, win, win for us.

2. H&M Conscious Line


If you’ve looked for organic baby clothes, you’ve probably done what I have, and stared aghast at the computer screen because organic cotton baby clothes cost just about as much as adult clothes, except they’re only being used for maximum of 4 months. It’s insane! That’s why we love H&M Conscious Line! Their clothes are all organic and they don’t break the bank. Cedar hates having shirts pulled over his head so we always have short and long sleeve Wrapover Bodysuits in his closet.

3. Nature’s Natural Solutions Baby Bottom Butter


We were lucky to find this Nova Scotia made bum butter before Cedar was born so we didn’t need to experiment with other products. We love that it’s 100% natural and hypoallergenic, creating a barrier on Cedar’s skin to keep moisture away. It also prevents diaper rash, and since Cedar has never had diaper rash, I’ll say it works! Before we hit the road we bought out our local health food store so that we wouldn’t have to mess around trying something new. When we’re close to running out we’ll be sure to ship several more to us on the road!

4. Badger baby Balm

Massage is such a great way to connect with your baby, and we like to incorporate it into our routine. Every parent loves their babies little body and massaging your baby helps them relax. We would never use something on Cedar’s skin that was filled with chemicals or synthetic ingredients so when were gifted the Chamomile and Calendula baby balm when Cedar was born we were so happy to find that it only has 5 natural ingredients. It has become our favourite massage lotion. The chamomile and calendula smell is so subtle and gentle and I feel helps set the tone for bed.

5. Badger Baby Sunscreen

A little sun exposure is so good for us, it’s essential to our bodies ability to produce Vitamin D, but too much sun is not good, so we need to take precautions to protect our babies new sensitive skin from during. We like to give Cedar a little time outdoors to get the sun on his bare skin. If we know we’ll be outdoors for a long time and not have the protection of shade we make sure to apply sunscreen. Commercial sunscreens are so awful, their filled with chemicals that are not only bad for our babies, but bad for the planet. But we’re forced to use them if we plan on being outside for any appreciable amount of time, so what do we do. We use Badger, that’s what. Badger sunscreen is one of the top 10 Reef Safe sunscreens, and top 10 baby sunscreens.